Karadayi Episode 36 With English Subtitles

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The story takes place during the 1970s in Istanbul. Mahir is a young and handsome man. He works as a shoe repairer and has a comfortable middle-class life. He lives happily with his family, his father, mother, two sisters and one brother.

On the day of his engagement to Ayten, his perfect life turns upside down. His father, Nazif Kara, is blamed for a murder. His father is convicted of murdering the Chief Prosecutor and he is sentenced to death after the trial.

The witnesses saw Nazif Kara on crime scene with the weapon in his hands.The Kara family’s life is then turned upside down because of a wrong accusation that results in the imprisonment of Nazif Kara for what he didn’t commit.

Mahir never believes that his father is guilty. He tries to prove it and wants to give him his freedom. However, finding any evidence to save his father would be too hard for him. Therefore, Mahir gives up his life.

He makes a plan to work with the judge of his father’s trial, so that he could investigate the case in more detail and to find the true murderer. He creates a new identity and acquaints himself as Salih, who is a law apprentice.

He starts to work with Feride who is the Judge for Nazif Kara’s trial. Feride is a young and beautiful woman who comes from a rich family. She is very successful at her work. Mahir (Salih) starts to give assistance to Feride while she is doing research and investigations about the murder.

Salih tries to give another perspective to Feride. He always wants to protect his father and for this reason, most of the time he expresses his positive views about Nazif Kara. As time passes, Salih and Feride fall completely into each other.

However, Salih knows that this is impossible love thus, he tries to hide his love. Mahir/Salih wants to achieve his main goals. The first one is justice for his father and the second one is his love Feride.

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