Hande Erçel has given 5 kg to play as Selin!

Hande Erçel: I gave 5 kg in a week to be Selin.

Hande Erçel, as playing as Selin actor in ‘Guneşin Kızları’ serial, became famous in a short time.

For this role , has gave 5 kg in e week, and now is taking back the succes.

She spoke for the Hürriyet:

Reporter : Lets come in the this serial , you came as Selin in this serial. How did you join this group?

Hande : I took the information from my managel and went for the tests. After the tests they said me that have to give some kg. After one week went again very diferent and i took the role.

Reporter : What kind of change was it? How did you gave 5 kg in a week?

Hande : For a week a didnt eat anything, i drank only water and eat only soup. Now also i see it very important to take care for my kilos.

Reporter : Selin obviously is a thin girl..What are her characteristics?

Hande : Selin lives as she wants. She doesn’t think about tomorrow. Always crazy, and brave..