Baris Arduc talks about his relationship and new projects!

Baris’s small interview from last night:

GUPSE: I apologize friends, I have the flu, I won’t talk, thank you.
BUGRA: Hello, good evening.
REPORTER: Did you have some good time?

BARIS: Yes, we are doing well, we had dinner together.
REPORTER: Super. In regards to what Gupse hanim said that she made an agreement for a lifetime with you.
BARIS: It’s not important to talk about this topic continuously, we are happy together of course, it’s not important if the relationship is going to last a lifetime. If the relationship is going to last a lifetime or not, we are very good, thank you brother.
REPORTER: We got news that you signed a agreement for a new series.
BARIS: Yani it will be with Star TV in the coming season, but I can’t say anything more about it.